Charcoal Ovens

Ward Charcoal Ovens

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is located in the Egan Mountain Range approximately 18 miles south of Ely, Nevada, and if known for its beautiful, six beehive-shaped historic charcoal ovens.

Norther Nevada Railway

Nevada Northern Railway

Enjoy a trin ride pulled by one of Nevada Northern Railway's original locomotives that were delivered here over a century ago.

Cave Lake State Park

Cave Lake

Cave Lake features is a year-round park that features a 32-acre reservoir and provides excellent trout fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, camping and picnicking.

Success Loop Nevada

Success Loop Scenic Drive

This scenic 38-mile drive provides excellent views throughout its entire length and offers many opportunities to explore the Schell Creek Range and Cave Lake State Park.

White Pines County Fair & Horse Races

White Pines County Fair & Horse Races

Can anything beat the thrill of thundering hoofs as they pound their way down the final stretch toward victory? See for yourself at White Pines.